Mountain Works Sustainable Living

New Construction

We offer a complete design and build service. Sub contracted installation of our forest products is also available from Mountain Works Construction. Traditional and sustainable building practices are always implemented and craftsmanship is of the highest order. Handcrafted timber frames, high performance windows, passive solar design, rain water collection, structural insulated panels, reclaimed lumber and solar hot water are a few ear marks of a Mountain Works build. Many wood materials are sourced in house from the local forest other sources of ecologically sound building goods such as handmade cob and stones from our forestry and farming areas. We coordinate a small crew of highly experienced craftsmen who specialize in using these unique materials to create special spaces for families and communities.

We find ourselves working on projects that exemplify simplicity and practicality in the building arts. Energy efficiency is a constant topic at our drawing board and we seek to address this critical consideration using often over looked as well as popular techniques. Beyond the now standard considerations of mainstream building certification programs, the Mountain Works brand of "green" building is founded on local, community based solutions to construction and design. The design starts with what is sustainably available in the forest. This is just one way we assure that our clients are receiving a product created around restoring their environment. This demands of us to be creative in the utilization of these uncommon materials but ultimately yields a finished product sound in integrity, unique in character and truly sustainable in nature.

Rates: Priced by the job/project

  • Free quotes; additional consultation billed at $20 per hour
  • Design work available and billed separately
  • Ask us about our design, harvest and build packages using your wood
  • Timber framing, hand cut cabins, SIPs, and cob
  • Alternative energy and off grid solutions
  • Classic, Efficient, Affordable dwellings and structures built with care
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