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Forest Management Planning

Every forest deserves proper planning in order to deliver the best stewardship. Most North Carolina landowners with timberland of 20 acres or more can see decreased tax burdens if their land is placed in “present assessed forest use” by the state and local government. A forest management plan is required for that tax status.

Mountain Works will design a plan to fit your goals. The tract will be categorized into “stands” based on terrain, access, species mix and other factors like hydrology. Maps of these stands are includes in the plan. A timeline of management events lays out how the forest will be cared for decades into the future. Put your vision for the land on paper and lessen your tax burden today.

Rates: $250-500 per plan depending on terrain, access, and size of tract.

  • Travel costs of $1 per mile round trip from our office apply.
  • Special fees apply for tracts under 20 acres

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