Mountain Works Sustainable Living

Permaculture Design

The theories of Permaculture are ones we at Mtn Works strive to incorporate into our own lives and we love the opportunity to bring them to yours. We are continually amazed by the power of ecologically savvy landscapes. Anyone seeking to live on the land as a steward has questions like: What can I do to secure a source of clean drinking water? How can this old farm pay for itself? Is this the proper site for a house if we want to use passive solar design? Can we grow most of our own food here? At Mtn Works our team of professional designers can support the often challenging decision making process involved with establishing a self-sustaining homestead. We also incorporate Permaculture techniques into our Construction projects wherever possible. Services range from small installations to complete plans and implementation.

  • Rates: By the job. $20 per hour per designer for additional consultation.
  • Travel fees of $1 per mile round trip from our location apply.

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