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Woods Walk

The biggest request we have had since starting Mountain Works has been from forest landowners wanting to know more about their woods. How much is my timber worth? Is there any ginseng in my woods? Can I get tax credits for managing my forest? What kind of trees do I have? How soon can you guys come logs my trees? These are regularly asked questions during our most poplar consultation service known lovingly as the “Woods Walk” It all started years ago when Ian took up horse logging and the calls started flooding in from folks excited to know they now had the option log their woodland without destroying it.

Since then Mountain Works has grown to encompass a variety of forest based enterprises. Yet still today basic educational service makes up a large portion of our workload. And why not? People deserve to know their forestland better and there is no better way to do that than by walking the boundary with a seasoned Mountain Works Woodsmen. Learn everything from rare native plant and invasive species identification to the subtle nuisances of Progressive Silviculture. Each woods walk will receive an on site tutorial of their own resources in an exciting and engaging fashion. Take charge of your stewardship legacy and schedule a Woods Walk today.

Rates: $20 per on site hour, per woodsman

  • Travel fee of $1.00 per mile round trip from our office.
  • 3 hour on site minimum.

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