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Locust Decking

Ranked among the hardest woods on the planet, Appalachian Black Locust is the choice for lifelong, non toxic durability. We carefully select locust free from common defects for our decking products. We source this valuable species from our own sustainably managed forests as well as salvaging it from industrial and urban waste streams. We pride ourselves on being a regional leader in sourcing this increasingly rare wood.

Our decking comes with eased top edges and is surfaced on three sides. It is ripped to nominal 4” and 6” widths and comes in random lengths anywhere from 1’-16’ depending on availability.

If there is one product to which we can attribute the success of our value added lumber business it is locust decking. Not only is it naturally durable, it has an extremely low, to even positive impact when harvested from native timber stands. Also check out our other great locust products for farm and garden.

Cost: $9 per square foot for specs listed above.

Custom specs are available and priced on request.

FOB Creston, NC.

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