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The Long Hunter™—An Appalachian Tiny Cabin

For years, we have made old timey sorghum molasses here in the southern mountains. Our friends and neighbors gather in the local, homemade sugar house each Fall and simmer forth the sweet syrup. Kelly and Ian’s own home is a farmhouse built around an 1870’s log cabin. From these simple structures came the inspiration for our first Tiny House kit, “The Long Hunter”™.

Hand Crafted from American Tulip Poplar, this traditional Southern Appalachian style cabin is THE original Tiny House. With a 16’x16’ interior dimension the floor plan is simple, and simple is best. There’s room enough though for a full kitchen and bath. Tuck yourself in the loft for a cozy night’s sleep after a long day in the woods. By personally milling and dovetailing each kit one at a time we ensure each joint is true and each cabin will last for generations. Each log is harvested according to our exacting standards for sustainable forestry. Every tree, every time.

No where else can the Tiny House seeker find a home steeped in the mountain tradition of crafting a home from the land. We seek to empower you to achieve the dream yourself. Therefore, we have designed our kits to be completely accessible to folks. This is a power to the people kind of house. Humble, beautiful, and built to last. You can raise this cabin frame in a few days with a few friends.


$9,750.00 for the structural frame.

*Included: The log pen, the main floor joists, the loft joists, and rafters all cut to fit and labeled.

FOB Creston, NC.

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