Mountain Works Sustainable Living

Patchwork Paneling™

Our kiln dried, mixed species tongue and groove paneling is reversible and made of lighter colored woods like Poplar, Cucumber, and Buckeye. Inspired by the traditional mountain quilts adorning the homes of our family and friends this product comes in various widths (2 ¼”, 3”, 4”, 5”) and lengths (1’-16’).

Use it on the standard v-groove profile side and get the classic bead board look for ceilings, wainscoting or cabinets. Use it on the flush joint profile side for a primitive farmhouse wall covering.

We strive ever and always to find valuable uses for every tree we harvest under our sustainable management principles; and like our thrifty mountain homemakers we use every piece of material available to us in a practical and beautiful way. Adorn your walls and ceilings in modern Appalachian style.

Cost: $3.00 per square foot

FOB Creston, NC.

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