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Bush Hogging

Since adding our Massey Ferguson 4x4 farm tractor to the fleet we have found many opportunities to use it off the logging site. Namely when a request came in from a timberland client to help him find some someone to bush hog an old Christmas tree field that was starting to grow up. We did not have a bush hog at the time but struck a deal to acquire the attachment in exchange for the work. We have not looked back.

Build pasture quality and keep down those pesky weeds with a simple pass of the blade. We find there is a lot of grown up farmland in our service area that would benefit from either grazing or clipping with either a mower or bush hog. We time our cutting to your preferences and to best promote ecological integrity in the field.

Rates: $60 per operating hour. Metered on the machine. Normal travel rates apply.

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