Mountain Works Sustainable Living

Horse Logging

The age-old craft of working animals in the forest is still alive and well at Mountain Works. We began our humble business in 2005 with one horse, one chainsaw, an old axe, two wedges and a dream. Since then we have slowly grown to a regional leader in low impact timber harvesting and even teach others how to work safely in the woods. We offer the services of animal powered logging to private landowners, public land entities, and anyone needing their forest products harvested with the lightest touch.

Our horse kit includes single or team setups. We utilize a log arch where needed to provide increased lift to large logs in moderate terrain. Our animals are seasoned logging brutes and receive the utmost care. Timber is safely felled with directional techniques using modern chainsaw methods. Logs are bucked to length in the woods to reduce residual impact. Trails and landing sites are designed with sustained utility in mind.

Rates: Starting at 30 cents per board foot, log scale

  • International log scale for coniferous species
  • Doyle log scale for deciduous species
  • Includes precision felling, bucking, skidding and landing of timber
  • Pulpwood/firewood/mushroom wood harvested at $25 per estimated ton
  • When applicable, hourly rates for draft animal work are $30 per operating hour. Assessed by the time in harness for up to two animals plus driver.
  • When applicable, hourly rates for precision timber cutting are $20 per operating hour. Assessed by the time on site for one cutter
  • $2 per mile round trip travel fees apply for livestock hauling
  • $1 per mile round trip travel fees apply otherwise
  • Minimums apply, but are assessed by the job and overall site logistics
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