Mountain Works Sustainable Living

We Buy Timber

Mountain Works will buy your timber. We contract with private and public forest landowners to harvest timber in two ways. We either pay a “lump sum” for all the standing trees within a designated sale area or we set up a “pay as we cut” agreement for your forest.

1. “Lump sum" sales:

  • All $ up front
  • Best for:
    • High value, mature stands ready for market
    • Sites in remote locations
    • Site with specific development goals
    • Boundaries where short-term site presence is preferred

2. "Pay as we cut" sales:

  • $ comes in slowly over time
  • Best for:
    • Stands in need of improvement
    • More accessible sites
    • High aesthetic areas
    • Boundaries where long term, periodic site presence is acceptable

Most clients enjoy a “pay as we cut” arrangement as it allows the look of their forest to change slowly. Our ethics dictate a progressive and sustainable approach to timber management. We focus on quality and recommend Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) as a first step in beginning a forest management program. Often, we conduct TSI and an initial “pay as we cut” harvest simultaneously. This allows for us to be efficient in our work and defray the cost of TSI with thoughtful thinning.

We pay fair stumpage prices with high quality results. We cut trees using directional felling methods. We pull the timber with draft horses and low impact winching systems. Selling your timber to Mountain Works can be a life long or a weeklong experience. Regardless, it will be profitable one.

Rates: By the job on “lump sum” sales; “pay as we cut” sales are compensated on percentages of local market value for raw logs delivered.

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