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Custom On-Site Sawmilling

We will bring our mill to your logs. Saw your wood your way. Create valuable lumber from trees that might otherwise be discarded by conventional sawmills. We focus on quality and listen our client’s needs. Have questions about whether your logs will saw? Schedule a on site consultation with one of our sawyers today. We can scale yours logs, estimate the cost and save you money by advising a mill site that is both efficient and low impact.

Looking to create a special project out of your wood? Mountain Works Fine Woodworking can make furniture and rustic home accents that will tell the story of your trees for generations to come. Milling with a portable thin kerf band sawmill is a thrifty way to turn your resources into unique works of art. Saw as wide as 26” and a as long at 20’.

Rates: $30 per operating hour of sawmill with an 8 hour minimum

  • includes one sawyer on site cranking out the wood
  • Set up fee of $40 for each step up of mill
  • Hauling costs of $2.00 per mile from our location will be assessed one way
  • 4x4, 57 hp loading tractor available for material handling available at $25 per operating hour with an 8 hour minimum
  • Sawing by the board foot available at our shop location; priced at .25-.35 cents per board foot depending on species, size and condition of logs
  • quarter sawing billed on a hourly basis regardless of location at $40 per operating hour
  • All lumber will be dead packed. Stickering is available at $8 per hour plus the cost of dry sticks billed at .25 cents each for a ~4 foot stick.
  • Any blade damaged or broken due to debris in logs will result in $20 charge per blade.
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